An experienced business leader and board professional with more than twenty years of experience in diverse senior roles, such as COO, in large global business groups and corporate functions. Currently active as a Non-Executive Director in Innofactor Plc and Senior Advisor in Change Management at Cocomms. I have managed sizeable business entities and delivered very large savings and efficiency gains that enabled new investments, while maintaining and developing a large and cost-efficient, committed workforce globally. I am used to work in contexts of strong competition and technological change and using digitalization as an enabler of business success. I have experience of many mergers and acquisitions, and especially their integration. I am a strong communicator to all stakeholders. I have successfully launched social innovations covering up to 100 000 employees, changing working life for the better. I am known for my strong ability to create strategies and translate them into actionable plans that get executed successfully. Based on this I coach leaders to do the same. I have experience from and like working with both larger and smaller companies and enjoy both operative, board and consultancy roles.