Professional Summary:
I absolutely love to help entrepreneurs, executives and board members with their way, transformation, to a succeeding business and persons. An accomplished executive with over 10 years of experience in starting, growing, maturing, managing companies, units and doing board work. I bring a wealth of expertise in driving sustainable growth and innovation. I am known for my strategic vision, comprehensive leadership (physical, intellectual, emotional, social and psychological) and data-driven decision-making. I have been instrumental in steering companies through complex market dynamics and technological evolutions. My leadership has consistently resulted in positive transformations like increased shareholder value and organizational resilience.

Key Achievements:
Led a major turnaround strategy for a debt collection company resulting in 80% increase in increase in revenue over three years.

Created and implemented leadership methods and techniques at a financial technology company enhancing operational efficiency by 40% and reducing costs and sick leaves by 25%. The cultural change was succeeded.

Led a comprehensive organizational restructuring for 3 organizations successfully merging disparate departments to streamline operations and reduce overhead costs by 20 to 40%.

Orchestrated 3 times a organization-wide communication strategy that improved transparency and trust during the change process, evidenced by a 35% increase in positive feedback on internal communication.

Implemented sustainability strategies that not only aligned with the organization’s values but also led to a 15% reduction in carbon footprint over two years.

Successfully negotiated and closed stakeholder partnerships as a lobbyist with state management, authority, entrepreneurs.

Board Experience:
Laavu Performance Oy, Helsinki, Finland Chairperson of the board 2023 – focused on growth, strengthening governance and risk management practices.
Revire Perintä Oy (municipal corporation), Lahti, Finland, Board member 2022 – guiding the company through a successful transformation from municipal corporation to the open market debt collection company.
Hi Human Oy, Helsinki, Finland, Chairperson of the board 2021- supporting and coaching entrepreneurs and executives. I advise successfully corporations and individuals in their change and transformation journeys. I am available to mentor entrepreneurs and executives how to succeed in business transformation. I am also interested in board positions in companies with ambitious goals.
Oscar Software Oy, Tampere, Finland, Board member 2021 – 2023 focused on business transformation, growth, strengthening culture and leadership practices when the major of company’s shares were sold to private equity company.
Future Board ry, Tampere, Finland, Chairperson of the board 2021 – 2023 focused on organizational transformation to get the organization to the new level and make it known. I guided the organization through the changes successfully and focused on professionalism, communication, strategy, sustainability, brand, recognition and community spirit.
Työväen Asunto-Oy Tuki, Helsinki, Finland, Chairperson of the board 2019 – 2022 focused on strengthening governance and risk management practices.
Suomen Strategisen Johtamisen Seura Ry | Helsinki, Finland, Board member 2018 – 2022 I was the youngest member in the organization and the youngest board member. I was asked to the board of directors to make organizational transformation to get the organization to the new level and lead the strategic change of the organization. I launched new services to the members and got the number of members to increase.

Educational Background:
Master of Laws from University of Helsinki
Master of Social Sciences, leadership psychology from University of Lapland

Skills and Expertise:
Emotions and Psychology
Strategic Leadership and Vision
Financial Acumen and Value Creation
Sustainability, Digital Transformation and Innovation
Risk Management and Corporate Governance
Transformation and Change Management

Languages: Finnish, Swedish, English

Personal Philosophy:
I believe in humanity combined with machine, leveraging data and insights to make informed decisions, fostering a culture of innovation, and building strong, diverse teams that are equipped to navigate future opportunities and challenges.

My biggest asset behind my achievements and my passion is emotions and their overall impact on people, strategy, performance, goal achievement, decision-making, communication and a culture where people can be one with machines in the future. The love for strategy was sparked by experience and the observation that understanding emotions and personal chemistry are a success factor that ensures sustainable solutions.

Contact Information: