Do you think you are the rock star of tomorrow’s business?  

SUPERFINNS® sparring program is for Finnish growth companies that have a giant-size hunger for global growth. 

In SUPERFINNS® program entrepreneurs meet other entrepreneurs, investors, and people who have been there, done that. The main themes in the program are finance and global growth.

If you want to feel the big city’s heat, take all you can get from SUPERFINNS® experts and apply now! We promise to take you to the next level. The program is free of charge.

The application period has ended.

For more information contact:
Inka Hyvönen, +358 5 057 03500,

SUPERFINNS growth programme is for Finnish growth companies that have a giant-size hunger for global growth.


At first, you have to impress us with your incredible skills and be selected for the program. Then enjoy the ride – but remember: SUPERFINNS® is more than just sparring. You also race against your new friends – because only one can be the SUPERFINN of the year.

In the final event, Nordea and supporting partners are choosing the ONE company that they believe to have a sparkling future in global markets. This company gets all the glory and fame that Kasvu Open and Nordea can offer. Nordea also offers for the ONE and also four other promising companies sparring sessions tailored to the needs of their businesses. Skip the choir, aim to the spotlight.

SUPERFINN timeline


  • Meet represents from Nordea Startup and Growth, and capital investors (e.g. Inventure, Nordic FoodTech, Saari Partners, Superhero and Voima Ventures) growth experts and entrepreneurs
  • Work in live and online workshops and one2one meetings
  • Network with all the right people who can help you to grow big
  • The validation to call yourself as one of the SUPERFINNS®
  • Spotlight in Kasvu Open Karnevaali 2022

SUPERFINNS ® program is for the SMEs on the threshold of an international breakthrough. The program aims to whip entrepreneurs to the pace at which Finland’s borders will be gone for good.


  • Pure will and passion to pump up your business
  • Ambition to get global growth – big time!
  • Skills, skills, skills
  • Courage
  • Scalable business model
  • Market potential/market proof (customer base or continuing sales)
  • Growth rate (hard as a rock)

Your company can operate in any sector but must meet the criteria. Selections are made based on applications.
Show your best and rock your way to the hall of SUPERFINNS®!


Jaana Seppälä, Kasvu Open

Jaana Seppälä, Kasvu Open

Kasvu Open is a national business coaching programme that provides help and support for developing and growing business operations free of charge. Read more (In Finnish)

Vesa Riihimäki, Nordea
Head of Startup & Growth

Vesa Riihimäki, Nordea
Head of Startup & Growth

Nordea Startup & Growth is focused on being the go-to partner in the Nordics to help budding startups and high-growth companies scale up and thrive throughout their entire life cycle. Read more


Inka mero, Voima Ventures

Inka Mero

Inka’s passion is to work with and build world-class teams to grow new companies and businesses to a global scale.

Voima Ventures is a €45M deep tech fund that invests purely in startups with deep tech and scientific backgrounds. Voima Ventures’ mission is to solve major global problems by combining science, entrepreneurship, and capital. Industry domains include bio and new materials, medical technologies and life sciences, imaging and optics, IoT and electronics, robotics, software & ICT and AI. READ MORE

Juha Ruohonen, Superhero capital

Juha Ruohonen

Juha is a partner at Superhero having experience on more than 20 years of startup failures. He has sold software in 50 countries and works currently with 9 companies at Superhero portfolio.

Superhero Capital is a Seed-phase VC -fund investing into Insight-driven software companies in Finland and the Baltics. READ MORE

Mika Kukkurainen

Mika Kukkurainen

Mika is strategy, business development and marketing professional turned to investor. After working years in food and marketing industries started Nordic FoodTech VC as one of the four founders.

Nordic FoodTech VC is the first future food and food technology fund in Nordics. Nordic FoodTech VC is investing in innovative early stage future food and foodtechn companies with global potential in Nordic and Baltic countries. READ MORE

Sami Lampinen, Inventure

Sami Lampinen

Sami has almost 25 years of experience in venture capital and early-stage technology companies. Sami has built a very wide network and combined understanding of technology, business, and financing. In addition to working on the boards of Upcloud, Wirepas, Haltian, ONEiO and Canatu he serves on the boards of Business Finland and the Finnish Venture Capital Association.

Inventure is one of the most experienced Nordic venture funds that specializes in helping its portfolio companies with talent and expansion. READ MORE

Mia Sirkiä, Saari Partners


Mia is a founder and managing partner of Saari Partners. Mia’s expertise is to build value through customer centric thinking, branding and marketing.

Before joining private equity, she has worked in advertising agency and developing brands and marketing for industrial, service and technology companies.

Saari Partners is a 42 Meur fund, that invests in Finnish service companies with entrepreneurial drive, and the potential to achieve competitive advantage through the means of digitalization, branding and consolidation. READ MORE