SUPERFINNS – How super are you?

SUPERFINNS sparring program is for scalable Finnish SMEs that have proven their market potential and have the ability to do an international breakthrough. The main themes in the program are finance and global growth.

If you want help boosting your company’s international growth, this is for you! Just pack your attitude, ambition, clear traction and will to grow. If your rockstar attitude shines through – you are in!

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The next application starts in 2025. Info:

See the companies selected for the 2024 program, and all SUPERFINNS companies from 2021 here.

QOCO Systems - SUPERFINN of the year 2024

”This is a chance to up your game in the best possible company.”

Mikko Hassinen, Fluent Progress


  • Meet the greatest stars in the Finnish funding and investment scene
  • Work in live and online workshops and one-2-one sessions
  • 10-13 expert meetings and several roundtable/keynote discussions
  • Network with all the right people who can help you to grow big
  • The validation to call yourself as one of the SUPERFINNS


  • Finnish Business ID
  • Pure will and passion to learn
  • Attitude and courage to think big and go global
  • Ambitious and skilled team
  • Crystal clear business plan
  • Scalable and sustainable business
  • Proof of traction and/or market potential
  • Growth boosting revenue model


At first you have to impress the partners with your incredible skills and make a top notch application that shows your true potential.

Partner jury selects 15 ambitious companies to the SUPERFINNS program based on applications. Your company can operate in any sector but must meet the criteria. Selected companies will meet handpicked experts, investors and other entrepreneurs.


  • Vesa Riihimäki, Nordea Startup & Growth
  • Julianna Borsos, Bocap
  • Ali Omar, Business angel
  • Eeva Kovanen, Kovanen Capital
  • Mika Kukkurainen, Nordic Foodtech VC
  • Hanna Henell & Mia Sirkiä, Saari Partners
  • Jupe Arala, Vendep Capital
  • Pontus Stråhlman, Inka Mero & Jenny Engerfelt, Voima Ventures


After the sparring sessions Nordea and program partners choose ONE company that they believe to have a sparkling future. The winner gets:

  • The SUPERFINN of the year title
  • Visibility through Kasvu Open and Nordea: news about success, a company story on both organization’s websites + social media channels
  • Nordea Personal Advisor for a year
  • Participation in the Slush event
  • Video interview for Kasvu Open’s and Nordea’s Tarinoita yrittäjistä series


We handle the applications and company data with love and care. Only Kasvu Open and partner jury can see your application.

SUPERFINNS timeline 2024

” Programs such as SUPERFINNS offer a much needed space for networking and learning from others.

Anu Passi-Rauste, Headai

MEET THE PARTNERS 2024 (who can’t wait to meet you!)

Vesa Riihimäki, Nordea
Ali Omar
Eeva Kovanen, Kovanen Capital
Hanna Henell, Saari Partners
Jupe Arala, Vendep Capital
Mika Kukkurainen, Nordic FoodTech VC
Pontus Stråhlman, Voima Ventures

Will you be the next SUPERFINNS partner?
Be fierce and contact us! We won’t bite you.


SUPERFINN of the year 2024
QOCO Systems

QOCO Systems

The following companies were selected for the 2024 SUPERFINNS program.

Download companies presentation.

SUPERFINN of the year 2023


The following companies were selected for the 2023 SUPERFINNS program.

  • Biila Solutions, Vantaa
  • Dentafit, Sastamala
  • Dental Mammoth, Helsinki
  • Easy Access System Project, Helsinki
  • Fluent Progress, Joensuu
  • Northern Sports Insight and Intelligence, Helsinkin
  • Origin by Ocean, Espoo
  • Pole Bicycle Company, Muurame
  • QuietOn, Kempele
  • Ruokaboksi, Helsinki
  • Sisko Health, Helsinki
  • Te?ted, Jyväskylä
  • Wannado, Helsinki
  • Whitepoint Optics, Helsinki
  • Work Pilots, Espoo

SUPERFINN of the year 2022

Nordean Vesa Riihimäki (oik.) ja Tracegrown Jaakko Nauha (vas.)

The following companies were selected for the 2022 SUPERFINNS program.

SUPERFINN of the year 2021
Oiva Health (former VideoVisit)

VideoVisit Oy, nykyinen Oiva Health

The following companies were selected for the 2021 SUPERFINNS program.

  • HeadAI Oy
  • VideoVisit Oy
  • ENTOS Energiatekniikan Optimisäätö Oy
  • Seidat Oy
  • SpinDrive Oy
  • Leadership as a Service Company
  • Ainoa Winery
  • Finnadvance Oy
  • Suorahapetus Oy
  • Uute Scientific Oy
  • KÄÄPÄ BioTech Oy
  • Libera la Musica Oy


SUPERFINNS sparring program is more than just sparring. The program aims to pump up the Finnish SMEs ”mind and body” ready to hit the global markets.

SUPERFINNS sparring program was born in 2020-2021 when Kasvu Open and Nordea recognized the need to boost the ambition level of Finnish SME’s, and created a program that encourages you to be a Rockstar with a capital R.

Every year the program has several partners whose representatives are committed to providing the companies with the best recipes for international success.

Inka Hyvönen, Kasvu Open


Inka Hyvönen
050 570 3500