A total of over 30 years of work experience in international food business, including work experience in internationalization and export operations, especially food / FMCG (sales, marketing, distribution, retail, wholesale, eCom , b-to-b business, b-to-c business). Esa Wrang has made the career of 20 years in the Finnish food industry in international sales and marketing, and 16 years with public organizations promoting the Finnish food and beverages exports. Having leadership of Food from Finland program for the last 9 years; collaborating with 200 food export companies in Finland, the program has carried out more than 400 international export promotion events in more than 10 countries (trade fairs, buyer meeting events, embassy events, media events, retail campaigns, media campaigns, training days, etc.). Program has excellent customer and stakeholder feedback. Focus of the Food from Finland program has been in the following markets: Scandinavian countries, Germany, France, China, Hong Kong, Japan, South Korea, Singapore, USA, United Arab Emirates, and Saudi Arabia. Personalized extensive experience of all the countries concerned. Esa Wrang has been promoted with the Order of the White Rose of Finland, and he is also Certified Board Member (HHJ). Esa Wrang has wide skills of languages (Finnish, English, Swedish, Italian, German, Russian).