FR has a professional, operator partner mentality with abilities that can help to accelerate equity value creation, primarily by looking at each business through the lens of its value as a brand – consumer and/or commercial. He brings broad and deep experience of marketing in different sectors to identify blind spots/gaps – both upside (hidden potential) and downside. He has an ability to determine corporate fragility, far beyond the financials.

FR’s approach is critical to identifying bottlenecks and how they change as a business evolves and, most of all, to advise on how to remove them.

FR executes a combination of Strategic and Operational perspectives to benefit all stakeholders, with a strong eye for converting human goodwill into accounting goodwill.

The main pattern that consistently emerges from FR’s work, in the role or “operating partner”, is successful business decisions are always centered on managing reputational risk and protecting corporate fragility. This is achieved through innovative, creative, and timely, interventions to improve sustainable revenues and that increase the brand’s value. This is consistently achievable, regardless of the investment sector, location, the power of the ever-emerging technologies, metrics, optics or marketplace fluctuations.