Marko Seppä helps fellow entrepreneurs make business investment-ready. He helps with partnership strategies, business modeling, go-to-market actions and fund raising — sometimes as co-entrepreneur. He also advises enterprises and institutions on business creation by designing strategies, delivering training and conducting evaluations.

Marko Seppä was apprenticed venture capitalist by the founders of Panostaja, one Finland’s oldest private equity firms. He built their pioneering venture capital arm (FVC) into the emerging markets of Russia and emerged as Group Board Member. He led FVC through an MBO, global fund raising, market expansion and, eventually, trade sale and exit mode.

Marko Seppä has served universities in Jyväskylä and Tampere as builder of e-business research and invited Professor of Growth Venture Creation. He has organized over 200 live case business creation experiments, helped raise 20M€+ for 70+ R&D projects, received industry awards and delivered 158 publications/keynotes. He holds an M.

Sc. in Econ from Tampere University and a PhD in Corporate Strategy from JYU.

Marko Seppä is the “father” of Kasvu Open, co-founder of UC Berkeley’s Silicon Valley based Global Venture Lab Network and an acknowledged contributor to startup ecosystem in Vietnam. He is Jury Member of the 3B€ EIC Accelerator Pilot since 2018.