In all I’ve 25 years’ experience from digitalization, ICT, sales and product management. I have exceptional mixture of team and project/product management from different industries, entrepreneurship and innovative ventures focused on technical and commercial evaluation, corporate funding and intellectual property.

To put it in short my professional history comprises:

I. Digitalization & Business Development/Strategy.
11+ years’ experience of identifying, consulting and funding innovative born global ventures. I’ve consulted hundreds of companies from startups to publicly listed large companies with various CxO levels. 25+ years’ experience of ICT technologies, B2B sales and corporate solutions. I’m a Microsoft Certified Professional and Accredited HP Sales Professional.

II. EU | Science & Industrial Leadership.
3+ years as a sole official National Contact Point for EU Horizon 2020 (€80 B) for Health, ICT and Cybersecurity.

III. Intellectual Property & Funding.
11+ years’ experience of IP related to best Finnish born global ventures nationwide. Certificates of Intellectual Property Rights and Certified Credit Analyst.

IV. Media & Communications.
20+ years’ competence of ICT services, solutions and technologies as an editor, freelancer, corporate consultant and public speaker.

V. Entrepreneurship
20+ years’ competence of entrepreneurship, founded and run two companies. Multidimensional lessons learned.

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