I started my career at maintanence cleaning streets and doing snow work for 4 years before accidentally starting my sales career.

During the next 6 years I managed to climb from SDR role to Partner & Sales Director within the ’sales as a service’ company (company which did outsourced sales & booking).

My first role was booking meetings to insurance sellers (300 cold calls everyday) and then got promoted to Schibsted’s sales team (Tori.fi and Oikotie media sales) and the rest is history.
I ended up establishing sales team of 9 people, growing it from 0 to ~10m€ in revenue within 4 years and had 40+ people organization under my management & P&L responsibility.

Next adventure was strategical jump to start-up environment and to Lifeline Ventures portfolio company, where I got a task to build international Enterprise sales function to the company. During almost 2 years, I managed to lead my team from 0 to +1m€ in sales and won customers such as Havi Logistics internationally.
Leading the team from the front and doing 60%+ of the sales myself gave me a heck of an experience to move forward to the next chapter of my career.

An entrepreneur.

Meetit was founded through an cold Linkedin message to Aaron (Performance Unit CEO & my current co-founder) saying aprx.

”Hi Aaron, I love your sales process, but it needs some spice. How about discussing a few ideas to improve your b2b approach & results?”

This opener eneded up to meeting both Aaron and Petteri f2f and starting the first booking pilot of Meetit (we didn’t know the name yet back then) which ended in to great success of almost 10x:ing the results of Performance Unit’s b2b sales.

This is what we do nowadays too. We help companies who want to grow significantly to meet their ICP using omnichannel approach.