Who do you want to be as a leader and business owner? How do you want to live your life while you are doing what you do? What is the impact you want to leave on people and business? Where is your best power and hidden talent you would like to bring out? What is your story you will tell to the world? How do you recover and enjoy yourself?

I can work with you and your team using creative and proven effective coaching methods which will bring new energy to you and your team.

I am a professional ICF accredited CPCC coach (themes from business, leadership, self management, corporate governance, HR, wellbeing and recovery, ECG-HRV stress measurement coaching), CEO of my own coaching and consulting company, business developer and advisor, communications and concept design expert and business angel in a small scale. I have 30 years experience in leadership, management and development in business and networks from various fields in Finland and abroad.

I believe that my purpose is to lift people and business. My approach as a coach and developer is creative and positive. More about my services at www.thewind.fi / tuulikirsikka@thewind.fi @thewind.fi @tuulicherry @thewindcoaching @clues.fi