Coming soon: SUPERFINNS® 2023

SUPERFINNS sparring program boosts the ambition level of Finnish growth companies and leads them towards an international breakthrough. The application period for the program starts on January 11th, 2023.

In 2023, the greatest stars in the Finnish funding and investment scene: Nordic FoodTech VC, Voima Ventures, Superhero Capital, Kovanen Capital, Saari Partners, and Voland Partners, join Kasvu Open and Nordea to take the SUPERFINNS companies to the next level.

Program organizers Kasvu Open and Nordea, and all the partners are committed to providing companies with the best recipes for international success.

SUPERFINNS – a sparring program and a competition

In 2022 partners selected 16 companies to participate in the program. Tracegrow, a company from Kärsämäki, was ultimately more super than the others. Tracegrow was chosen as the most promising growth company in the SUPERFINNS sparring program.

– We received valuable comments from the experts and a lot of positive visibility, says Jaakko Nauha, Business Development Director of Tracegrow.

Tracegrow makes sustainable fertilizers out of micronutrients extracted and purified from used alkaline batteries. The company’s mission is to minimize the exploitation of our planet’s limited resources by reusing them as wisely as possible.

Pre-registration is now open

You got what it takes? The program is for scalable Finnish growth companies with a hunger for global growth and a pure will to learn. 

Fill in the pre-registration form. We will contact you when you can finish your application and apply. Want to skip pre-registration? The real deal application period starts on January 11th, 2023. 


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Kasvu Open
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