These are the SUPERFINNS partners you want to meet!

Mika Kukkurainen is a Partner and Founder of Nordic Foodtech VC. On the right, Vesa Riihimäki, Head of Nordea's Startup & Growth.
Mika Kukkurainen, Partner and Founder of Nordic Foodtech VC, is one of the first partners of the SUPERFINNS program. On the right, Vesa Riihimäki, Head of Nordea Startup & Growth.

The partners of Kasvu Open and Nordea’s SUPERFINNS program are well-known investors and investment companies.

The partners of the SUPERFINNS program are Kovanen Capital, Nordic FoodTech VC, Saari Partners, Superhero Capital, Voland Partners, Voima Ventures, and angel investor Noora Fagerström

SUPERFINNS program is now implemented for the third time. Nordic FoodTech VC, Superhero Capital and Voima Ventures have been partners in the program since the beginning.

– We Finns have a tendency to believe home market proof is needed before going international. We want to encourage Finnish startups to think global from day one. By combining our excellence in tech and sustainable thinking with some added courage and ambition, we are able to unlock the huge global potential and be real SUPERFINNS together, says Mika Kukkurainen, Partner and Founder of Nordic Foodtech VC.

Nordic FoodTech VC and other partner’s are committed to providing the companies with the best recipes for international success. Vesa Riihimäki, Head of Nordea Startup & Growth, says that the SUPERFINNS program is a unique opportunity for the growth companies. 

– Meetings with financiers and investors always open a new door to start building confidential relationships and cooperation. This year we have even wider investment scope covered, which means better fit and value for participating companies, says Riihimäki.


Inka Hyvönen
Kasvu Open
+358 50 570 3500

Vesa Riihimäki
Nordea Startup & Growth
+358 40 826 2009

SUPERFINNS sparring program is for Finnish growth companies that have a giant-size hunger for global growth. The program is organized by Kasvu Open and Nordea. Read more