15 companies selected for the SUPERFINNS® sparring program

Nordea and the partners of the SUPERFINNS® program believe that the selected companies have a bright future ahead – and abroad.

The partner jury was on a lookout for companies that have a global mindset, clear traction and/or market potential, scalable business model and ambitious and skilled team.


The program received 48 applications. The companies were evaluated based on four criteria: Market potential, Ability to grow, References and Team.

The companies represent a wide range of industries – from information and communication to manufacturing. The majority of companies come from the health and wellbeing sector. The selected companies currently employ 253 people and are reaching for staggering 250 million euro growth in revenue in the next three years.

This year the jury had no difficulties in finding 15 interesting companies. There were several candidates with large market opportunities. I believe that SUPERFINNS program and business sparring can make a strong impact in the companies’ traction and ability to grow, says Vesa Riihimäki, Head of Nordea Startup & Growth.

The selection was made by a partner jury:

  • Vesa Riihimäki, Nordea Startup & Growth
  • Noora Fagerström, Business angel
  • Eeva Kovanen, Kovanen Capital
  • Mika Kukkurainen, Nordic FoodTech VC
  • Hanna Henell, Saari Partners
  • Juha Ruohonen, Superhero Capital
  • Jenny Engerfelt, Voima Ventures
  • Erkka Niemi, Voland Partners
  • Veera Sylvius, Voland Partners


SUPERFINNS sparring program was born in 2020-2021 when Kasvu Open and Nordea recognized the need to boost the ambition level of Finnish SME’s, and created a program that encourages you to be a Rockstar with a capital R. SUPERFINNS program is for Finnish growth companies that have a giant-size hunger for global growth. Read more.


Inka Hyvönen
Kasvu Open
+358 50 570 3500

Vesa Riihimäki
Head of Startup & Growth, Nordea
+358 40 826 2009