SUPERFINNS are set to change the world

Companies that attend Kasvu Open and Nordea’s SUPERFINNS sparring program are working to create great changes. The aim is high but so is the ambition.

Headai is a deep tech company that develops cognitive AI. Their product is called Graphmind. It bridges the gap between human and machine intelligence, enabling AI systems to understand textual data in ways that resemble human cognition and decision-making.

– Our AI crushes enormous amounts of text to bring forth meanings and find the things that are relevant. After this it is possible to utilize the information in various different ways, CMO Anu Passi-Rauste says.

The information produced has a huge impact on Headai’s customers’ operation but also on a larger scale, assisting in decision-making and creating strategies. Their clientele includes companies, public institutions, universities and big organizations such as the World Bank.

Anu Passi-Rauste, HeadAi

“Our AI processes huge amounts of data to produce information that assists organizations and companies in their decision-making. We applied to SUPERFINNS to sharpen our brand and connect with professionals.”
– Anu Passi-Rauste

– Our AI helps our clients to anticipate the development of certain trends so they can create value and lead with data, Anu describes.

Headai applied to SUPERFINNS to get advice for growth, sharpen their brand and connect with business professionals. They had many questions about how processes develop as the company grows. Sparring offered answers but also concrete measures. 
Many of the contacts and learnings acquired during the SUPERFINNS program affect Headai’s operations even now.

– Programs such as SUPERFINNS offer a much needed space for networking and learning from others. All growth companies have pretty much the same problems and the same questions, sharing our processes helps us all to grow.

Whitepoint Optics helps cinematographers tell better stories

Whitepoint Optics manufactures high-quality cinema lenses for the motion pictures industry. Their mission is to help cinematographers to share their vision of the world and tell better stories. 

Typically sales is the number one challenge for a growth company, but not for Whitepoint. Their lenses are favored by professionals worldwide and are currently on high demand.

About 99% of Whitepoint´s sales are exports. Almost all of the 100+ monthly enquiries come as direct inbound leads from 50+ countries around the world. Their main markets are Europe and North America.

– Our lenses are handcrafted. We are currently working hard to answer orders coming from all over the world, Managing Director Turkka Syrjäläinen says.

“We manufacture handcrafted high-quality cinema lenses that help cinematographers tell better stories. We applied to SUPERFINNS to find peer support and professional advice.” – Turkka Syrjäläinen

Whitepoint Optics applied to SUPERFINNS in hopes of finding peer support and professional advice. The sparring proved to be helpful especially in challenges that revolved around funding.

– We received sparring from very experienced people that taught us what types of funding is available for us. We managed to find a funding model that suits our needs the best.

According to Turkka, a company that decides to apply to SUPERFINNS – or any other type of sparring – should be prepared to invest time in it. Sparring is a process and there are now quick wins. 

During the sparring Whitepoint Optics learned that SUPERFINNS is worth the investment. Whitepoint secured their first funding round during the program and got new leads for the current bigger funding round.

– Our work has become much more professional and efficient thanks to sparring. We definitely would not have this kind of network and a set of professionals in our disposal if we had not participated. 

Fluent Progress helps to tackle societal problem

Fluent Progress RT Oy is a company that strives to create a more functional society. The company provides maintenance solutions for infrastructures, such as streets and ski tracks. They also collect and provide pivotal data for their customers.

Currently Fluent is developing a database that offers real-time information about the features, conditions and services on the different nature sites and sports grounds. The database is expected to motivate people to go out and move more.

Mikko Hassinen, Fluent Progress

“Our mission is to make it easy for people to go out and move. We can help to tackle a big societal problem. We applied to SUPERFINNS because we were looking for expansion, renewal and growth.”
– Mikko Hassinen

Fluent Progress has a long and sturdy history, with over 20 years of experience in their field. This makes them a bit different compared to the typical growth companies.

– We are not looking for funding, as we already have a steady cash flow. We applied to SUPERFINNS because we were looking for expansion, renewal and growth, Chief Commercial Officer Mikko Hassinen says.

Fluent wanted to find new pathways for their business. Mikko emphasizes that the company was exclusively looking for sparring from professionals that hold the vision and expertise needed to create change.

This was exactly what they received.

– We wanted to learn and gain new insights. There were people who could offer this to us. We were able to make great changes to our productization and realized who our new customers could be both home and abroad.

To a company pondering whether or not to apply to SUPERFINNS Mikko has a simple message.

– Go for it. This is a chance to up your game in the best possible company.