Startup Kasvupolku 2024

Startup Kasvupolku® is a free of charge sparring program for companies that have true passion for growth and development. The program is organized in English.

Startup Kasvupolku is targeted for companies and teams that operate in English in their daily business and are seeking strong growth in the near future. The program is especially designed for young companies that have sparring needs in, for example, brand creation, customer value and developing a scalable business model.

”We got to network with important collaborators and found a couple of new customers from the sparring program.”

The program delivers new ideas and contacts to boost the company’s growth and development. Sparring brings an outside view on how to take your business to the next level. Companies selected for the program can compete for the Growth Company of the Year title.


  • 6-9 expert meetings
  • Learning together with peers
  • Tips to improve your pitch
  • Inspiration and enthusiasm
  • Contacts and possible partners

✔️ Companies have got e.g. board members, customers, employees, investors, consults and new friends from the sparring program.


  • Finnish Business ID & will to improve your business
  • Filling in the application / Growth Company Analysis
  • Working in digital and live events
  • Doesn’t cost anything but time: max. 5 working days during Feb-Sept 2024

✔️ The program offers insight to develop your business but your own activity has a major role in gaining benefits.


These three and many more first-class experts are giving their time for companies’ use. The experts are professionals from different aspects of business and they are here to challenge and encourage you towards better business. There are 1600 experts in the network, and about 30 of them will be selected to Startup Kasvupolku program – selections are based on company needs.



Fill in your contact information below. We’ll email you instructions for the application / Growth Company Analysis. Write down your growth plan to the Growth Company Analysis by 19.3.2024.

Be thorough since the selections are based solely on the information given in the Analysis. We can’t know your potential unless you tell us! Convince the jury (see down the page) by describing the growth plan carefully.

      Omavalintaisen Kasvupolun lisäksi Kasvu Open voi ohjata hakemuksesi vaihtoehtoiselle Kasvupolulle, jos yrityksellesi sopiva toinen vaihtoehto löytyy.


Kasvupolku-process consists of three levels: the application phase, Kasvupolku-sparrings and the optional Growth Company of the Year competition. In the program, experts and peer companies help find tangible ways for growth. Explore the process in more detail here (in Finnish).


Your company information is handled confidentially.
Your application is forwarded to the judging panel (/ jury) of the sparring program you are applying to. The panel/jury process information solely related to the Kasvupolku-activities, and the information must not be used for any other purpose. In addition, responses are visible to members of the Kasvu Open team.

After the application period ends, the Kasvupolku panel/jury selects the companies that are granted a spot in the sparring program. The panel/jury members are:

Jakob Widström, Nordea
Jussi Heinilä, Accelerando
Mark Poutanen, LAB University of applied sciences
Sofia Prami, Suomen Uusyrityskeskus


The judging panel / jury evaluates companies based on four criteria: market potential, team, growth capability (ability to grow), and track record (references). The application, Growth Company Analysis, is themed according to these criteria. Before submitting your application, ensure that you have provided comprehensive information for each section so that the panel/jury can assess your company.15-20 companies will be selected to the Kasvupolku-sparring.


The program includes one-2-one meetings, workshops, keynotes and digital working.

Application period ends 19.3.2024
Meet & Greet DIGITAL 7.5. klo 9-12
1. sparring day DIGITAL 29.5. klo 9-16
2. sparring day LIVE 28.8. @Helsinki

Interested in the Growth Company of the Year title? You have a chance to join the race and continue sparring after the Kasvupolku process in the fall 2024.


Vivi Pöntiö, Kasvu Open

Vivi Pöntiö
050 439 8988


Kasvupolku program partners are representative from a region or specific industry who want to help companies to success. Program partners together with Kasvu Open’s main partners make the free of charge sparring possible.