QuietOn focuses firmly on growth and obtaining investments

QuietOn’s growth is supported by a strong set of values and a desire to improve people’s quality of life. Without sufficient and high-quality sleep, it’s challenging for individuals to perform their tasks and recover adequately.

The story of QuietOn began with noise-canceling earbuds sold at Beijing airport, which Janne Kyllönen, one of the company’s founders, tried after becoming frustrated with the ambient noise.

– He immediately started thinking about why earbuds are so huge. That’s where the idea originated: Could one develop noise-canceling earbuds so small that they would be suitable for sleeping, says Katja Siberg (in picture), CEO of QuietOn.

The first prototype of QuietOn was created in a garage in Oulu. Currently, the 3.1 model of the next-generation earbuds is available for sale.

– Our product is the smallest noise-canceling earbuds on the market, which is a definite advantage for us. It’s the only earbuds that allows sleeping on one’s side, says Siberg.

QuietOn’s active noise-canceling technology combats noise across the entire frequency range. The earbuds are specifically designed for sleeping and peaceful nights.

SUPERFINN of the year 2023

QuietOn was chosen as the most promising company in the SUPERFINNS 2023 program. Now, QuietOn is in a phase of strong growth. The success of the company is attributed to the dedicated work of an international team.

– We entered SUPERFINNS with the idea of giving it a try. Being selected for the program was a fantastic thing and came at just the right time, says Siberg.

At the beginning of the program, the main question revolved around financing. According to Siberg, QuietOn has a strong determination to accelerate growth, which requires investments.

– While we are growing organically, we want to grow faster. This is what we started to prepare together with the experts, Siberg explains.

SUPERFINNS-ohjelmaan osallistuneita yrittäjiä ja ohjelaman partnereita Maria 01 -tiloissa keväällä 2023.
After the SUPERFINNS sparring, QuietOn’s vision has strengthened and become clearer.

Siberg was highly satisfied with the extensive expert network of the SUPERFINNS program. The network included financial experts, investors, and marketing professionals who provided answers to QuietOn’s questions. The sparring also brought a lot of new aspects to the company to consider.

According to Siberg, among the experts, there were contacts with whom one could confidently get in touch even after the program ended.

– The discussions were very open and confidential. It created a feeling that if you need help with something, you can always reach out and ask.

After the SUPERFINNS sparring, QuietOn’s vision has strengthened and become clearer. The focus is now firmly on growth and obtaining investments.