The most promising Future Wellbeing and Health companies were selected – here they are!

Auntie Solutions Oy and Triumf Gamification have been selected as the winners of the Future Wellbeing and Health Growth Track. KAMU Health Oy and Popit were also commended for their work. The companies will now proceed to the national finals to compete among the 100 most promising growth companies. The winners of the Startup and Start Again series will be selected out of the 100 companies attending the national finals held in October.

Auntie Solutions Oy and Triumf Gamification were selected as winners out of 25 growth seeking companies who were initially selected for a two-day sparring event.

When selecting the winners, the judges paid attention to digitalization, business scalability and internationalization potential.

Auntie Solutions Oy and Triumf Gamification were selected as winners in the two-day Growth Track. Auntie Solutions develops digital solutions for stress management. The service is customizable and aimed at company employees. According to the judges, the company is solving a global problem by combining digital and physical activities. The judges think that the company has a promising business idea, and that the company has demonstrated active progress during its short existence.

The other winner, Triumf Gamification, is developing a research based mobile health platform which provides personalized, psychological support to chronologically ill children through an innovative service and machine learning. The company was characterized as an eager group of young people who combine different methods and tools to help children through gamification and other service activities.

KAMU Health Oy and Popit also received a special mention. Kamu Health is developing a digital self-management service for people with asthma. The solution combines user data with weather and air quality data to predict daily changes in personal health. The judges recognized the company’s potential, even in the competitive global market. The company’s innovative service model, device and data system secured the company’s place on the next round.

Popit, the other commended company, has developed a solution that automatically detects and tracks pill consumption. The solution consists of an application, cloud service, and a device that can be connected to any pill sheet. The solution automatically detects when pills are taken and alerts the user when they have forgotten to take a pill. The judges commended Popit’s solution for its great potential and significance, both nationally and globally. The judges also commended the company's successful productization.

The following companies also attended the two-day sparring event: Adusso Oy, Disior Oy, mfore, Physilect Oy, Sanoi Oy, Sanoste Oy and Timespace Cloud Oy from Helsinki, BrainCare Oy and LivingSkills Oy from Tampere, Edevent from Turku, Family Support House Oy and Onerva Hoivaviestintä Oy from Jyväskylä, Fitverstas Oy from Kokkola, Hallaus Architecs from Heinola, Healthfactory Oy from Lempäälä, Medanets from Oulu, Nindux Oy, SE Innovations Oy and Yanisan Air from Espoo, Quha Oy from Nokia, and SimLabIT Oy from Kuopio.

The panel of judges included Tiina Arpola from the Savonia University of Applied Sciences, Miikka Kiiski from IBM, Kari Halinen from the City of Jyväskylä, Teuvo Antikainen from the Central Finland Health Care District, Arto Holopainen from the City of Kuopio, and Jouko Kuisma from Salivirta & Partners.

This year, the Growth Track had more participants than in previous years, as it comprised of both the health track and the wellbeing track. The winning companies were announced in the Upgraded Life Festival, which was held at the Academic Medical Center in Helsinki between May 31st and June 1st.

The Future Wellbeing and Health Growth Track is part of Kasvu Open. Kasvu Open Carnival (national finals) will be held in Jyväskylä between 24–25 October, 2018. This year, 26 separate Growth Tracks are organized across the country, where 100 companies from various fields are selected to proceed to the finals.

For more information, please contact:

Satu Haka, Growth Track Facilitator, Kasvun Roihu*, tel. +358 50 304 8779,