How are they doing now? – Broadbit Batteries

Broadbit Batteries Oy was selected as the winner of Startup-series in Kasvu Open. Above CEO David Brown is pictured together with his company's growth goal. Broadbit Batteries is developing a new kind of sodium-based battery-technology for consumer and business applications. According to the company the new technology will enable longer lifetime, reduced cost, improved environmental friendliness, and scalability to any production volume.

So first off, how are things now one year after the Kasvu Open Karnevaali?

”We are going great. Since then, we have gotten our first income and an additional 2M in investments and grants”

Have your plans changed from last year?

”Our plans remain essentially the same from 1 year ago.”

How far is your battery technology from realising? Do you have marketable applications yet?

”We are expecting/hoping for our first sales of battery materials (electrolyte) by the end of this year. As for cathode sales we are expecting/hoping turnover by mid to late 2019”

Do you feel that the one-on-one coaching you got throughout the Kasvu Open process were helpful?

”Its been some time since the coaching, so I don't remember any details, unfortunately. But in general, I'm quite experienced with most aspects of the startup process. I did get some valuable business connections, however.”

What was your take on the Kasvu Open Karnevaali? Would you recommend it?

”Yes, I think it's a very good, well organized event that gathers the right people in the startup ecosystem together.”

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