One of the SUPERFINNS might become the next Wolt

The applicants for the SUPERFINNS program are proof that Finland has plenty of companies that are eager to prosper in global markets. Nordea, together with a group of Finland’s top investors, chose companies they found to be the most scalable to join the program. (IN FINNISH)

Out of 70 companies that applied, 29 were chosen to participate in Kasvu Open’s and Nordea’s SUPERFINNS program. The criterias for participation were, among other things, scalable business model, proof of growth capability and ambitious goals for going global. The companies with the most potential for success were selected by a jury made up of Nordea executives and high profile Finnish investors.

– We decided to only pick the companies we believed to be capable of large-scale breakthroughs. That’s why we’re very happy with the results – a group of 29 growth hungry companies exceeded our expectations, said Vesa Riihimäki, head of Nordea’s Startup & Growth unit.

I believe that the know-how and networks of Nordea and our investors will help the participants to rise to the next level in 2021. We are privileged to be a part SUPERFINNS program and to boost the growth, employment rate and competitivity of our nation.

Companies chosen for the SUPERFINNS program:

  • 360Visualizer Oy
  • Afect Clothing Oy
  • Agendium Oy
  • Ainoa Winery
  • Bloft design lab
  • Citynomadi Oy
  • ENTOS Energiatekniikan Optimisäätö Oy
  • EOD Europe
  • Everfill Oy
  • FinlandWay School
  • Finnadvance Oy
  • Gixon
  • GOTO-Sportwear Oy
  • HeadAI Oy
  • Hydrohex Oy
  • KÄÄPÄ BioTech Oy
  • Leadership as a Service Company
  • Led Future Oy
  • Lipasu Oy
  • Panacea CG Oy
  • Pezzie ltd Oy
  • SansOx Ltd
  • Seidat Oy
  • Silmusalaatti
  • SpinDrive Oy
  • Uute Scientific Oy
  • VideoVisit Oy

Members of the SUPERFINNS jury:

  • Vesa Riihimäki, Nordea
  • Minna Åkerholm, Nordea
  • Jakob Widstrom, Nordea
  • Inka Mero, Voima Ventures
  • Juha Ruohonen, Superhero Capital
  • Laura Vartiainen, Takoa Invest
  • Mika Kukkurainen, Nordic FoodTech VC
  • Sami Lampinen, Inventure

Companies selected to the SUPERFINNS program will meet members of Nordea and participating VCs, in addition with other experts individually chosen for the companies. The program aims to refine the participating SMEs’ businesses to a point where world conquering is within a hands reach. Read more…

For more information

Jaana Seppälä
toimitusjohtaja, Kasvu Open
050 304 6794

Vesa Riihimäki
Head of Startup &Growth, Nordea
040 826 2009